Wireless dugme

nisam podrzan od strane DSDT. takodjer:

[quote]Wireless drivers, for example ipw2100 and ipw2200, load their firmware
during the module initialization time, with the expectation the device is
going to be used in the near future. But this is not always the case, so
the wireless driver consumes more power than is required. This is because once the
firmware is loaded onto the device, it begins working (for example, it
begins to receive beacons, scan available APs nearby, etc). Also,
it sends interrupts to the host CPU when some events happen, which pulls the processor
from deep C state to C0 from time to time.

The solution for this problem is to defer the firmware loading for the
wireless devices from module initialization time to network interface
open time. When the user is about to use the wireless interface, the user
should bring up the interface manually. In other cases, when wireless is
not used, the interface is closed by default.

ifconfig wlan0 up[/quote]
ovo ne funkcionira kao sto sam vec naveo. kada podizem interface trebalo bi se sve ucitat. medjutim to se ne desava

Samo mogu reci “bas tako” i kod mene… :slight_smile: