Aptoncd - awesome


[quote]With APTonCD you will can…

Backup all downloaded packages (via apt-get, aptitude and synaptic) to restore later.
Take with you all your favorite packages, in a removable repository where you can install then all on anytime, anytime.
Get an entire repository, or a specifc section. Simply point-and-click, and in few time you’ll have an CD(s) or DVD(s) with entire main, restricted, universe, multiverse, contrib, etc.
Share your packages with your friends without Internet conection. Also, send a meta-package for him to install the same set of packages that you have.[/quote]
sudo apt-get install aptoncd #ubuntu
Alt+F2 ->aptoncd

Hvala na informaciji, ali mislim da vecina vec posjeduje aptoncd. :slight_smile: