Firebird 2.0 Final

Firebird Project je oficijelno napravio release verzije 2.0 u toku “opening session”-a 4-te internacionalne Firebird konferencije u Pragu, Czech Republic.

Firebird 2.0 is the happy culmination of more than two years' efforts from a broad-ranging, truly international community of dedicated developers and supporters. It brings with it a large collection of long-awaited enhancements that significantly improve performance, security and support for international languages and realise some desirable new SQL language features. Under the surface, it also provides a much more robust code platform from which the re-architecting planned for Firebird 3.0 is proceeding. 

Features of the release include

* A thorough reworking of indexing to ramp up performance and minimise bottlenecks in searching and matching
* Several limitations inherited from the legacy code have now gone, such as the 252-byte limit on index size and the 30 Gb limit on table size.
* A new interface for plugging in international character sets, including enhanced Unicode support, along with a number of new and corrected collations
* 64-bit platform support with released binaries available for AMD64 and Intel EM64T on Linux. Windows 64-bit builds are ready for testing and will follow in a sub-release
* An intense makeover of server security, including beefed-up password encryption and inbuilt protection for brute-force attack
* Support for SQL200x derived tables, including multi-level nesting and joining of subqueries
* EXECUTE BLOCK syntax to enable blocks of procedural SQL (PSQL) to be executed in dynamic SQL statements
* Explicit cursors in PSQL, also available inside EXECUTE BLOCK statements
* Optional WAIT lock conflict timeout, available as both a SET TRANSACTION argument and as a transaction parameter in the API
* All-new incremental backup capability
* Complete re-architecting of "serverless" local connection protocol on Windows to eliminate the inherent instability of the legacy IPServer protocol
* Fully completed implementation of the Services API on all platforms 

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