Firebird HIMNA!

Rock band “The Lost Century” je snimio single “Firebird”, koji je “baziran” na AC/DC-jevom “T h u n d e r s t r u c k”.

Fire, Fire, Fire!!, Fire!
It was old very complex unresolved task
Low budget, too weak chips, and complete time lack
People said with no doubt - it’s impossible to do
But I knew with the fire inside I can do

Power of bytes, embed in my heart
Ready to fight, be enough smart
You need – Firebird!

Build it in right way, break the limits, you can hit them down
Do it simpler, but faster, and faster! We have some fun!
Use Fire triggers, stored procedures, save the time
Burn business rules, use all nice tools
Yeah, yearh, Fire! Fire! Burning inside!

Download it for free
Can I code it again please
Yeah deploy was so fast
It was - Firebird
Firebird, Firebird, Firebird, yeah
Download it for free
Nice to code – try please!

Firebird, Firebird
Firebird, Firebird

Yeah, it’s alright, we’re doin’ right
Yeah, it’s alright, we’re doin’ fine, fine, fine
Firebird, Firebird
Firebird, baby, baby
Firebird, you’ve been Firebird!

sta da ti kazem… pjesma je ocajna…