Get this before MSFT does... (XBOX cracking @ MIT)

This guy was quite clever. He sniffed the bus between the northbridge and

southbridge on the XBOX motherboard to discover the secret boot sector &

code that prevents anyone from using an XBOX (a pretty reasonable general

purpose computer actually), to run Linux or whatever.

His paper is at:

But MSFT is pressuring him to take it down, so if you want to read how he

did it, do it soon…

[izvinjavam se radi enleskog - nisam stigo da prevedem - jasko]

…i nemojte kupovati xywhatewer box

nego PS2

Kakva glupost…

Bez obzira što je Xbox Microsoft-ov proizvod BOLJI je od PS2 jedno
milion puta. Zašto?? Hm… ko god je igrao igre na Xbox-u zna odgovor na
to pitanje.


Ako niste znali…
Linux Xbox