Mandriva zajedno sa IBPhoenix-om pruza support za Firebird 2.0

Paris, November 21st, 2006

Thanks to collaboration between IBPhoenix and Mandriva, Mandriva Linux is now the distribution offering the best integrated support for Firebird 2.0.

Mandriva now offers the packages for Firebird (Classic and SuperServer versions), the ODBC driver, Class 4 JCA-JDBC driver, Python and PHP as well as the graphic administration tool Flamerobin. IBPhoenix is also preparing the training material.

Mandriva and IBPhoenix are happy to be able to work together so successfully and to have developed such a complete solution for Firebird. Training, technical support… nothing is missing.

The result of this collaboration was presented at the fourth Firebird conference, which was held from November 12 to November 14 2006 in Prague.

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