Puppy Linux 4.2.1

Puppy Linux 4.2.1

Verzija 4.2 je dozivjela prvo fino podesavanje svega potrebnog:

The team behind the Puppy Linux project announced today, May 22nd, the first maintenance release of Puppy Linux 4.2 (Deep Thought).

Puppy Linux 4.2.1 comes with an improved Abiword 2.6.3 (with 2.6.6 plugins) for better handling of .doc and .docx Microsoft Word file formats; still, some documents will require the Liberation ttf fonts to be installed on your system. Due to some printing issues, the developers decided to return to the 1.3.10 version of CUPS from 1.4b2. This also led to printing support from the Geany, Leafpad and Gnumeric applications. Pcrypt was updated to the May 17, 2009 release and now needs Ccrypt 1.7 instead of Bcrypt to run. The patched nbtsnbtscan, mountcifs, jwm-tray, xsane, network wizard, mtpaint-snapshot, gtk+2.12.1-Xinput-fix and pcp packages are included.

Highlights of Puppy Linux 4.2.1:

· CUPS 1.4b2;
· Pwidgets was updated to version 2.0.8;
· Updated Pcrypt to the 17 May 2009 release;
· Updated the MIME-types in Rox 2.6.1;
· Patched the gtk+ Xinput and the b43 broadcom driver;
· Updated Pmusic to version 0.6.4;
· Updated Pschedule to 0.7;


Tako da je sada Puppy Linux bolji, brzi i ljepsi…


Long live linux