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Job Description

Red Hat is seeking a python programmer to join our Image Factory team in Brno.

ImageFactory is designed to install and customize any modern OS on any virtual platform or cloud. It is a key component of the Aeolus project, which is the upstream project for CloudForms, RH’s premier cloud management offering.

For years, developers and admins have faced the challenge of how to reliably and simply provision machines. The problem is even more complex in the cloud. ImageFactory allows users to quickly and consistently create and manage system images across a variety of platforms.

You can learn more about Image Factory here:

You can view the git repo here:


Provisioning and infrastructure for the cloud group, specifically generation and management of system images and uploading/transferring the resulting images using cloud provider APIs.
Work with the team to enhance and improve our toolsets; improve performance and scaling
Expand support to additional operating systems and cloud providers.
Expand  support for additional image customization options (e.g. customized partitions, additional package formats such as eggs, gems). 

Desired Skills & Experience

Strong python coding skills; experience with ruby a plus
Experience with automated system installation (Anaconda, Debian installer, Windows, etc.)
Experience with automated system customization and configuration (Puppet, chef, cfengine, etc.)
Experience  with API-level interaction with public and private cloud and  virtualization providers (vSphere, RHEV-M, EC2, Rackspace, etc.)
Experience working in a collaborative development environment

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